Step 5 - Marketing and Promotions of Your Blog

A blog may be good as a hobby but it is even more useful as an income-generating platform. So in order to go from one point to another, you need the help of powerful habits to deal with promotions. A blog is nothing if it’s not shared with the right people who can appreciate it.

It is meant to be public and this is why some strategies also need to be employed with regards to the maintenance of your blog. And in line with that, here are some great points that can help you understand why it is very important to execute promotional strategies.

This chapter will also talk about some good tips that you can do to help with advertising and promoting your blog to a wider range of audiences

Why Promotions are Very Significant

Some bloggers underestimate the power of online promotions and marketing, only to regret it later on. This could be your biggest mistake because you would just give up the opportunity to share your blog to others.

As an online platform for writing and information sharing, it is very important that you do not let go of the task of getting more exposure. Generating traffic in your blog is essential if you want it to become a powerful tool to make you money in the long term.

A Good Investment

There are some services that you can avail of that will help you out with marketing. Some websites exist for the sole purpose of helping to advertise certain blogs so do not worry about the initial payment that needs to be paid. This is a part of the process and your investment will truly be worth it in the end. Just make sure that you partner up with a good company, which is already reviewed positively by many users.

More Promotions, More Income

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is the fact that promotional campaigns and generating income is directly proportional with each other. This means that the more you promote, the chances of attracting more readers and getting to know potential clients also increase.

Don’t be stingy in this process because much like any other business, you need the right tools to flourish. Think of your blog as a serious business. This will give you a whole new perspective on how to go about making campaigns to share your content.

Easy Techniques to Try

Now, as a blogger, you can explore all the possibilities online. And there are many. Promotion techniques are ultimately dependent on how you do it and its success is not something that comes easily. But as you go along, there are some habits that you can get into that will make a good foundation for this task.

Here are some easy techniques that will help you out in terms of promotions. You won’t have to spend any money for them so it’s simply a matter of socializing, getting to know other people online, and taking advantage of some free platforms that can help you out.

First of all, on the internet, linking from one source to another is the only way one can tell that a particular website is of some use. This is like a word of mouth in brick and mortar world. This is how Google and other search engines determine the value of a particular website and its individual pages, and it is the main factor of filtering between good and bad and arranging the sites in order of importance in the search results based on the keywords that people are searching for.

The more links are pointing to some page, the more value it will get. And not only that, but what kind of word phrases are used in those links will give an idea what the linked-to page is about. More of those target links there are, more value your page will receive. But of course, since website owners can easily do this themselves and increase their ranking themselves, search engines use algorithms that can detect when some pages receive too many targeted links. So these days, it is all about high-quality content and high-quality links. And those links can only be built with patience and care. If you do all things correctly on your own blog, then satisfied readers will naturally link to your blog leaving only good impression in the eyes of everyone and do the work of linking for you. But for start, let’s go ahead and see what you can do to spread the word.

a) Leaving Comments on Other Blogs

For gaining more readers among likeminded audiences, this is the easiest thing you can do. Be an explorer and read other blogs as well. As you get ideas from their overall presentation, do not forget to put in some appreciation by leaving some comments.

Give some praises at what you like about their blog. Be active participant and also comment on their posts. This will be the start of your interaction that can bring about traffic. Not only will you gain the attention of the owner of that blog site, but you will also have the chance to gain more followers from the people who subscribe to their blog.

In turn, the owner of the blog that you comment on will also give you some good feedback to help out your site. This is the reason why some bloggers turn out to be such good friends. They can relate with their content and they occasionally help each other out.

You can also find blog owners on fiverr.comwhere you can purchase guest post and they will put it on their blog. Pretty straight forward and easy way to get quality link. You will find many other gigs on Fiverr that sell all kind of links and many of them are well worth the shot. This is a shortcut to link building and it will cost you very little of your time and little of your money.

b) Being a Guest Blogger

This is one of the results of befriending another blogger. In your online give-and-take relationship, once in a while, you can take it up a notch by guesting in each other’s blogs linking back to yours. Write some collaboration posts that can help highlight both of you and what you have to offer.

Come up with a good write up that can promote the other’s blog and you will eventually find yourself with more traffic. This will help in boosting up the interest of both of your followers so you get more exposure this way.

This kind of process also allows you to get more creative because the partnership between the two of you can reach new heights in terms of how you present your post. There is always a difference between blogs, but in this case, you can use it to your advantage so that you can come up with greater quality content.

c) Taking Advantage of Social Networks

Because of the great influences of social networks in general, you can make use of them to help share your blog. Try to connect your blog updates with your profiles or pages and this will automatically give your readers an easy way to hear about real time changes on your blog.

Did you just post something about your latest trip? Did you just make a review on another product? This will help your followers to keep up easily about your latest posts.

With millions of people who are logging in everyday, there is no doubt that more and more people are getting the hang of social networks. Everyone seems to have an account and if you intend to promote your blog, this is one of the best ways to go about it.

There are no restrictions with social networks and it’s also free, which provides a winner combination for most bloggers who are new to the industry.

d) Advertising in Forums

If you like reading topics and participating in forums, then you can also use this platform to help share your blog. Once again, it will let you gather some people who share the same interests.

Go to some forums that feature similar topics with your blog. You will be able to find followers who will be interested to subscribe to your blog and what it has to offer. Be a sport and participate in the discussions if you must. You can do this and it can also double as a way for you to be able to advertise.

Don’t let it come out as an advertisement though. Just naturally talk about the topic and mention your blog in passing. This way, people will be more inclined to read all about it. There are others who despise outright promotions because they only add to the forum’s distractions. If you do not want to be ignored or bashed, then just be subtle with your approach.

This habit will keep you updated with the latest topics and you’ll also get to meet real people with whom you can share ideas. They can serve as your blog’s followers in the long run if they end up liking the contents of your blog.

e) Marketing with the Use of Articles

This method falls directly in standard SEO optimization. Getting links from other websites straight from within its content is a link worthy the most. Just as the link you get from a guest post you publish on someone else’s blog, you get quality links from articles which may or may not be published directly on one’s blog. You can find many article directories that accept articles to be published, and although not much value goes to these sites, some benefits are received.

Did you know that you can hire other people to write articles in order to promote your blog? If you didn’t, I will tell you that Upwork is the best source for finding good writers to write promoting articles for you if you plan to do some heavy article marketing. But note that articles should be oriented around your subject and be quality so that people can actually find valuable information in them and land on your website.

This is now a common method that is being exercised by most website owners and managers. By making use of backlinks and other relevant keywords, they can generate traffic by leading them all back to your blog.

Approaching Real Journalists

For a simple take on utilizing articles, you can always approach real journalists or online websites that feature blogs to help you. Perhaps they can create write-ups that talk about the highlights of your blog and why it is one of the must reads for many people.

Since many people are reading the news already, this feature can get you more exposure and it will also intrigue others. What makes your blog a good choice for a read? This will keep them interested and it will also help generate traffic not only from readers, but also from the local people in your area.

Step 5 Execution

Time of execution: 30 to 60 minutes


The best, easiest and most rewarding method in the short and long run is by getting visitors to your blog and individual posts through Search Engines, called organic traffic. Those visitors are highly targeted to the particular content they visit on your blog and since they were already searching for a particular information on the web they most definitely need an answer to their question.

With properly optimized articles, targeted for specific search queries you make sure that people who look for those keywords on the web will get to your pages first and bring all their questions and wallets with them for you to give them a free solution and a paid solution as well with specific affiliate products and PPC ads.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

As discussed before, optimizing articles for the keyword phrases people are already searching for is the key to be successful.

Moreover, you should link one article to another on your blog from within the article text with appropriate phrases. You can have several links in each article linking to other relevant articles on your blog, but do not overpopulate it with links.

This is called on-page optimization for this purpose alone. The rest fall in the category of off-page optimization as content and links are optimized on other websites/blogs in order to increase popularity of your blog and links pointing to it.

Social Media

Make sure that you set up social media business pages for your blog (not personal profile) on the major social media providers such as, Plus and (or more) and enable visitors on your blog to follow you on those social sites by providing social buttons somewhere on your web layout – at the top, bottom and/or sidebar.

Enable visitors to also like your individual posts by providing them with social buttons to the major social sites where appropriate. At the top, bottom or as a floating box at the left side of your content. For the floating buttons, install one of the following plugins: GetSocial, Sharexy, or WP Socializer.

This will highly increase your post likes and potential links and visitors coming to your blog.

Article Marketing

Article marketing means marketing your blog and individual posts with articles on other websites with links to your pages. You should write at least few more articles on addition to your every original blog post and publish those articles on other websites linking back to your blog. Which other websites to use? Popular article directories and other people’s blogs.

Some of the best Article Directories to publish your articles on are the following:

1. HubPages

2. Seeking Alpha

3. ArticleSnatch

4. Articlesbase

5. Medium

You can also approach other blog owners by sending them emails directly with your guest post proposal, find if they already have a “guest post” section on their blog for this purpose and follow their instructions or search for “guest post KEYWORD” and replace KEYWORD with the keyword of your blog post. This will narrow down your search to websites that are about your subject and offer guest posting. Approach them and offer them your writings.

It is always best to write articles yourself even for marketing purposes, but if you associate with good bloggers and they are willing to link to your blog from their blogs using their own articles go for it. It will send you some link power, authority and some visitors along the way.

Other High Quality Links

Next thing to do is to visit and buy high quality high page rank single links, links in bulk and guest posts from already well-established high and low page rank blogs. The choices go on and on. Do your own research with this service and choose amongst the many options. Search for things like: “high pr link KEYWORD” or “authority links” or “backlinks” or “guest post” and similar.

IMPORTANT: When linking back to your blog from any source, be careful that you do not over optimize your links for the chosen keywords as this isn’t a good practice and can deliver poor results in the future. Use all kinds of suitable text phrases in your links including your plain url, “click here”, "read more", the title of your blog posts, name of your blog and similar.

Only about 10% of your links should contain your desired keywords and about 50% of your links should be brand name keywords – the most important ones. If the name of your website is:, then your brand name is “myorganicgarden”. The rest should be a mixture of generic terms.

Also make your links “nofollow” on many occasions, which tells search engines that they should not sent link strength to the source. This adds less link power for your blog but this diversity in link types makes your linking profile safe and won’t set out any alarms in strange linking practices.