Step 4 - Five Major Ways to Get Income with Your Blog

This chapter is the heart of this guide. Due to so many online opportunities that have come up in the recent years, blogging is one of the most favorable types. It’s not only a sideline that you can rely on, but it has steadily grown into a really good platform for professionals who like to work from any part of the world with nothing else but a laptop.

Find out how you can use blogging to make money and why these things are really becoming well known all over the world as a way for making more money online.

Using Google AdSense

For many bloggers around the world, making use of Google AdSense is their lifesaver in terms of making money online. This program is a project from the technology giant but it has proven to be very helpful and effective for online platforms that wish to be advertised.

What is it?

This program by Google is one of the most basic ways to generate income from advertisements. Every time a person clicks on any link, you receive a compensation. In simple terms, it works by a pay-per-click basis so the more traffic you gain through this advertisement, the more income you receive.

You can probably associate this program with the many banner and text advertisements that you find on other websites. These banners are the essence of AdSense and it helps to generate more income with your blog by putting up certain ads in strategic locations of websites. The income you can generate from it yourself will depend on the topic of your website, placement of the ads and number of visitors you get. Most importantly, all ads are targeted to the content you have on your website so you can be assured that the people who will be clicking are those that are interested in what your blog has to offer.

Why is this program a great income generator?

Since there are millions of people online at any given time, you can never go wrong by putting up banner advertisements. The more visitors you will have, more times someone will click on the ads on your website and you will earn money for every click.

Some prerequisites that need to be covered before earning big

Before everything else, you will need to establish your blog well. Set up a really good foundation and a stable system so that your readers are not left dissatisfied. This step will be responsible for setting up an initial fan base. Make your blog something good to look at and read from before you subscribe with programs like this.

Eventually, you will realize that at the rate that you are going, there is only so much that AdSense can do for you in terms of money. This is where other methods come in.

Through Product Reviews

Did you know that you can also receive money from making reviews? This is done with affiliate marketing. Blogs are the perfect platform for this particular task. Many people are turning to blogs for second opinion because they know that the people behind them are one of the most critical and truthful reviewers. Most of the time, they are not really associated with any company and this makes them a great judge for those products that you have in mind, but are hesitant to buy.

On the side of the bloggers, making product reviews is an easy job. You get paid from the company whose products you review in the form of a commission for every sale or lead that you generate. If you use for digital products, you can get as much has 70% for every sale.

For example, consider any niche. There is a new product out and you don’t know anything about it. You turn to bloggers who review these products in order to get the insight into the product. Bloggers are usually quite updated with the latest openings of new launches so there is a guaranteed post about the one you are eyeing. You can get information about that product and whether it is really as good as they claim.

That blogger will be an invaluable source of information. This can be true for all product reviews, no matter if it is digital product, food, cameras, clothes, appliances, or anything else.

On partnering with a company for doing reviews

So why does a blogger need to partner up with a company? Well, this will be the way to earn more money. Either you personally approach the company for a contract of sorts for eventual reviews or they may come to you instead.

The easiest way is to register with the well-established affiliate markets such as or, look for products in your niche and select those that you believe will sell the most on your blog. Do a review, or include the links in the content you already have and every time someone buys a product through your link, you earn a commission.

Why honest reviews are welcome and why you make money with it

A lot of people probably wonder why bloggers earn money by giving honest reviews. The reason for this is because of the problem of spamming that happens online. There are so many websites that provide nothing else but positive reviews. They neglect to highlight some disadvantages that come with it so the whole thing turns out to be biased. A blogger that want to make serious money online will not do such thing. A blogger who is not solely dependent on the income he or she generates from affiliate marketing done by reviews, but also has other sources of income through the blog and a well-established fan-base will benefit in the long run mostly with honest reviews as people recognize one from the other pretty soon.


Another method that can boost up your income generating privileges for your blog is through endorsements. One of the classic examples for this type is the clothes that are advertised by fashion bloggers.

Did you ever wonder why they feature so many clothes and how they are actually getting them?

Do they also browse through the thousands of online stores?

Sadly, most do not. It is the business that goes to them for endorsements. Popular companies are well aware of the influence that bloggers have over the masses. Most famous people are often taken in for endorsements and the same can be said for bloggers. These people are really good at sharing why people should buy products from a certain brand. This is also their way of making money through their blogs.

Why joining up with companies and individual sellers can gain great referral commission

You may be one of those bloggers who is lucky enough to land an endorsement deal with a company. With this at your disposal, you can be assured of great potential for income in the long run.

These usually offer great deals for referral commissions. This is often implemented for the local stores who wish to partner up with bloggers who are also in the same area. It gives them an opportunity to increase sales and promote the brand as something that can be classified as high quality. For bloggers, this commission is received and is offered to them in percentages when the company has also increased their sales in general.

This is a good deal because it gives a win-win situation for both the blogger and the company.

How to endorse products properly

Now, you might be wondering how you can endorse products properly on your website. And that goes for all products that come from any source. Is there a system or a standard that you need to follow? Here are some tips that you can use to endorse those products better even without the help of professionals to guide you.

1. Always use the product yourself first

2. Always use high quality images.

3. Explain why the products are good.

4. Highlight the good points of the product.

5. If there is anything you dislike about the product, mention that because it will tell people what the product is really about and once they see it for themselves they will have ultimate trust in you and rewards will be even greater for you in the future.

6. Never forget to affiliate the post with the contact details of the company.

7. Be creative in the approach for endorsements.

8. Be as long or as short as necessary. There is no standard as long as you write enough to describe everything that is important.

9. Lead people into buying the product without force. Just tell them to click this link or do that thing, or subscribe to your email list and get a free trial of a product or similar.

By Freelancing

Blogging is considered as an all-around profession. The people who manage and own blogs are not just limited to having one skill. So aside from writing down great content and taking great pictures to go with it, using the blog for another purpose is only natural.

You can feature a whole new side of yourself in it by means of freelancing. Do you have a special skill that you want to advertise? Let’s say that you are good at graphic designing or even painting. You can use your blog as a platform that will allow you to showcase the things that you have on offer. It’s true that not everyone will be able to fully appreciate this, but you never know about the opportunities that might come up after posting about your other skills.

Your paintings or designs might interest some people and they can eventually commission you to do some work for them. Of course, you’ll get paid for it and it is how you will be able to generate income. By making sure that people see what you can offer them, you are also giving a way to more possibilities in terms of creating a good association for that skill of yours and your blog.

It can be a great income while your blog is still in the early stages, but know that once you are making big money with your blog, such freelancing opportunities will no longer interest you as they pay per work, which is something blogging clearly looks down upon. The greatest advantage of blogging is passive income, which can grow to unlimited proportions as time progresses, so pay-per-work just does not attract many bloggers out there unless they do things with passion and enjoy doing them.

Why blogs are good platforms to advertise yourself

Aside from the many followers that are always ready to hear about your updates, there is always that chance to land a big contract with a company. Bloggers know how important it is to earn the trust of their partner establishments because these are the ones that power up the blog into a moneymaking platform.

By giving them other options, you can incorporate your other freelancing services into the jobs that they give you. This will give more income and generally create a unique output that is exclusively yours, and one that will impress both the company and the readers of your blog.

Of course, there is also the factor of admiration. Who does not like a talented person? If you are not big on the moneymaking side, you can just feature your skills as a way to let people know about yourself. Perhaps it’s your hobby or something you are really good at, so let your readers know. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion, after all.

On showcasing your portfolio and how it can help gather clients

Before anyone can hire you as a freelancer, some companies and private contractors will require some proof that you are actually capable of executing the tasks that they might assign to you. For this, you will likely be required to feature a portfolio of the outputs you have created over the past.

And what better way to do this than posting it directly to your blog?

More people will be able to see it and browsing through your portfolio will be easy. If clients wish to know more, you can simply direct them to your blog. This hits two birds with one stone: it generates traffic and it allows people to know more about the freelancing services that you offer via the portfolio featured.

Featured Ads

If your blog is already well established in terms of audience and popularity, then you can now go for deals that will allow featured advertisements to be posted on your website. For most bloggers, this is already one of the benefits that they reaped from the many promotional deals that have come beforehand. When your blog is at its peak, the companies that you used to seek out will be the ones who will approach you instead. And even though there was a time when you used to go to them for income, it will be the other way around now. The income will come to you in the form of featured ads.

Take note that every space on your blog is precious. Taking this into account, you can only imagine the reasons why it is imperative that you choose wisely in terms of featuring ads. You cannot be wasteful because even though you are getting paid and earning income for these ads, you also need to be particular about the company where it is affiliated. Are they relevant to the content of your blog?

Getting paid for private advertisements that will be featured on your blog

A lot of times, bloggers get too excited with the prospect of partnering up with certain companies for featured banners to be placed on their sites. But one thing that you need to remember amidst all the hype is the fact that you cannot simply accommodate all of them because it will affect the overall layout of your blog. You will need to choose only the best ones so that it can be effective as a promotional strategy for both you and the company.

Designate some space in your blog that will be specifically used for this purpose. You cannot haphazardly place them anywhere or just insert them between posts because this will eventually affect the impression that your blog gives. It will come off as disorganized and this is something that you want to avoid.

Most blogs who feature these private banner advertisements are also under contracts so it can be expected that they earn money. Depending on the stipulations, bloggers can benefit by the pay-per-click system or through sales commission that is the result of that ad.

All in all, both the company and the blogger will be in a give and take relationship for the income.

How to get clients to invest in your blog for these advertisements

You may be curious about how you can work things out so that you reach this point. It is not easy to promote your blog in the first place, and reaching that point wherein you don’t have to seek out partners anymore, is already a great achievement.

So how do you achieve such a goal?

Take note of little habits that you can do to help promote your blog. These will be very helpful in setting up the foundation of your blog in general. Don’t be too eager on this and work towards your goal with patience and determination. Reaching this point may be a long process, and one that you will have to go through no matter what.

Never forget to put that best foot forward and present your blog well. In time, you will be able to achieve this point for sure.

Step 4 Execution

Time of execution: 30 to 60 minutes


To make things easy, you will monetize your blog 3 ways:

1. PPC Advertisements

2. Affiliate products

3. List of subscribers

Since you want to be seen as a trustworthy source of information, you must take care of some things appropriately. Every external source that you link to from your blog should be of high quality and trustworthy. That goes for all the links from your articles, in your emails as well as for advertisements and affiliate links.

You do not want to affiliate with bad sites, so make sure that all of your advertisements are part of trustworthy networks and products that you promote are working, high quality and tested to perform well and deliver on the promise. That is an important rule to follow in order to stay seen as a good source.

IMPORTANT: it is advisible not to use PPC Advertising and excessive affiliate promoting for at least few weeks to one month from starting up your blog and wait a bit until you already have a well-established blog with at least 15-30 blog posts and several links to them. You must show search engine bots that you are serious about providing high quality content and not only to make money with it.

PPC Advertisements

What exactly is advertising? Advertising is recommending someone’s services or products on your property in exchange for money, or putting a text or an image ad from another company on your blog anywhere you find it suitable. You get paid for amount of visitors your blog receives or the amount of clicks that appear on those ads.

The best is to sign up with trustworthy ad networks such as Google AdSense(TM) and use their simple and highly effective tools to create ads to your liking and placing codes to your blog.

AdSense is a PPC network, meaning Pay-Per-Click, where you get paid for each click that occurs on those ads. It is an excellent way to make some money from the readers that you receive. More visitors, more money. But of course, it will be just a small part of your blogging income.

So how do you implement those ads the best way for maximum profits? Put a big text box ad with 4 links at the beginning of your every post aligned to the left, and one more big text box ad with 4 links at the end of the content aligned to the right. Use the same text font, size and colors to blend the ads seamlessly with your content. Place one more big image box ad to your sidebar anywhere you find it a good fit, or one big banner ad in the header section of your blog.

Those 3 ad boxes are the maximum allowed you can place on one individual page and all you will need.

If you want more ads from other networks you are free to do so if there is enough maneuvering space on your blog layout. Do not overdo it.

Affiliate Products

A good practice is to promote products from affiliate networks such as They are the biggest and the best provider of digital products and many products pay you up to 70% of every sale you generate through your links.

Affiliate products can perform very well and will be the main source of your income. You can promote products in the form of image ads that you can implement anywhere on your blog where you see it fit as well as in the form of text ads and product reviews similar to this website.

The most important thing is that you choose products that are directly related to your blog’s content and will help your visitors the most. Some readers will surely click on the image ads that will guide them to the landing pages of the sellers and will follow the links in your helpful honest promotional reviews.

The way you will choose is up to you, but having several blog posts about answering particular questions where a particular affiliate product will give them the answer they seek is an effective practice.

Your easiest and most successful way of making money with your blog using affiliate products will be a list of subscribers to whom you will send everyday free stuff such as updates on your new posts as well as provide products, which will answer their questions and give them what they want. This can be a huge income for you once you have a great base of subscribers. More on that follows.

List of Subscribers

How do you get one? A list of subscribers should contain names of the people and their email addresses, nothing more than that. You should set up a sign-up form and place it at the top of your sidebar so everyone sees it immediately upon entering your page. You can also have a pup-up box that appears on the screen after some time and forces readers to see it and subscribe to you.

What will get you the most subscribers? Offering them something great in return. A short free eBook in your niche is the best way to go about it and people will love to give you their email address in return for a fresh new and high quality free eBook. Write it yourself or have it written by writers on or

You will make all of this very simple and easy by using the Email Marketing services from Aweber.

They excel in what they do and provide tools that make creation of sign-up forms and implementing them into your blog a very easy task.

Moreover, setting up your automated email messages that are sent automatically once someone signs up is done simply and quickly. Everything else is fully automated so you do not have to worry about gathering and dealing with email addresses.

You simply set up your messages with content and occasional emails about a hot new product from the affiliate network such as and everything gets done automatically.

Money that you make with these automated emails will be a huge income for you when your list has grown to some level.

Once you have researched and/or implemented some of the methods to your blog/posts, go to the next step.