Step 1 - An Overview of Blogging

This chapter will guide you through the basics and the backgrounds of what blog really is. Why people are getting into it and how it has served as a great method for earning money online.

What is a Blog?

By definition, a blog is simply a website that is focused on one kind of content. It is made up of posts that are published by date, usually by a certain individual, who owns the domain. The content may vary and it can range from a variety of topics, depending on the preference of the owner. A blog can be affiliated with social networks or an exclusive domain.

It is one of the most patronized forms of sharing information right now. For online readers, blogs are becoming very informational because they are able to relay various types of content. It has started out as a sort of online journal counterparts, but from that alone, the blogging industry has grown larger than ever before.

Even businesses are clamoring for blogs to help them out with the latest advertising schemes. It has proven to be quite an effective tool to showcase yourself and what you have to offer.

As a Hobby

Most blogs that were established years ago started off as a mere hobby. There are a lot of writers who have deemed this online platform as the perfect way for them to share about certain happenings in their lives. It is something similar to journal writing and this has prompted so much more people to invest their time into making one.

It has served as an outlet for creativity and writing purposes. And well, it makes for a very entertaining pastime. If you were someone who enjoyed the novelty of writing down your life’s adventures, a blog can be your own online diary. The only difference is that you can choose to share it with the public.

Why is it good as a hobby?

It’s inexpensive.

A simple blog will cost you very tiny amount of your money, and some time and effort on your part to beautify it. You get to meet new people online, learn about specific topics, and interact with a whole new community that you were not privy to before.

There are also some unexpected perks that come with blogging. Some establishments might want to partner up with you for reviews and advertisements. This can be the prompt that you need to expand your blogging into another range, which is making money.

As an Occupation

Did you know that blogging is now classified as a full time profession? You’d be surprised at the number of people who are actually turning to this method as a job. What started out as a mere hobby has turned out to be a great income provider for many bloggers out there. The upside? Absolute freedom to work when you want, how much you want, where you want, and still have no boundaries as to how much money you can make with your blog.

For many people who have stable office jobs, it might seem hard for them to suddenly transition as a full time blogger. But perhaps, this occupation is one of those that people falsely consider risky at first. Until they try it, work on it and start seeing results. The concept of blogs is a blurred area for most people. They see it as a simple way of sharing information, but what they do not know is that there is a whole lot more to a successful blog than just posting blog posts.

Anyone who starts out will not have any fan base or any kind of traffic for their website. This dilemma is one of the many tasks that professional bloggers work to overcome.

But how do you become a professional blogger?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a company to hire you in order to become a full time blogger. This job can be done within the comforts of your home or a beach on a tropical island if you have Wi-Fi available. There are indeed some institutions that hire bulk employees to serve as bloggers but you probably look for more freedom and much more money so blogging individually is a way to go.

You can make your own blog from scratch and turn it into a full time profession. Seek out some sponsors and advertise some products that are relevant to your blog. Partner up with certain establishments that can give you more opportunities for gaining momentum for your content.

This will be the start of becoming a full time blogger that can give you passive income in the long run. Sounds too complicated? This is why this Book is here. To show you how simple it actually is to bring all those fancy words and practices to work wonders for you, if you have any prior knowledge or not.

About Part Time Blogging

If you are not keen on the idea of leaving your job for blogging, then you can always begin part time. This means that you will be merely working on your blog on the sides or during your free time. This is how most of the successful bloggers start out. You have a job if you think you need one, while at the same time start working on something, which will soon turn into the only source of income you will ever need.

Don’t worry if you are not working full time on your blog at first because there is actually less work involved in blogging then you might think. The reason why so many people out there make 6-, 7- and even 8- figures monthly or yearly income merely with their blog is consistency. Because with blogging, income grows as time progresses because you constantly get money from the content you already have plus the content you are just creating. It can grow very fast.

It depends on how you handle the content, how you promote it and how much you are willing to invest in your blog.

Now, bloggers may not necessarily come with great titles like doctors or engineers, but being a blogger is now considered as a legit occupation. With development and advance in technology, it should come as no surprise that this has come about.

There are many opportunities that have newly sprouted out due to technology’s influence. Blogging is one of them.

As an Income Generator

Most people wonder if it is really possible to earn money by blogging. Skepticism is associated with this front because those who are after stability cannot really see the significance of this hobby as an income generator. This is due to their common believe that hard work pays, and working on an hourly basis is the key to security. Wrong. This is what the people who run the system want you to believe and have done everything they can to make sure people think like that. The key to security is having your own business, which you have control over. Being an employee is very unsecure and highly unrewarding. They pay you just enough so that you can survive and buy few useless things and do not revolve against the system, but not any more than that so that you are dependent on them and have to keep going to them and work for them so that you can keep on living your surviving lifestyle without freedom.

Believe it or not, it’s true that you have all the chances to earn an enormous income for merely maintaining your own blog. Within the online community, there are so many opportunities that you can take advantage of in terms of earning money that you will most likely never hear of every one of them out there in your lifetime.

The simplicity of setting up a blog and getting money in return has made the public consider this platform as a great way of getting money without the enormous cost in one way of another by having a boss and being a slave to the time, place and income restraints. Just the fact that you can do this kind of work at home or anywhere on this planet (even space) is already a great advantage as it is. And you can begin with less than $50 and never invest anything more than that – unless you will soon understand that money invested brings in even more money on a much faster scale. That works on a reinvestment principle. If 50$ brings you $100, then $100 will bring you $200 and $200 will bring you $400 and so on until one million dollars or more per year will be a normal thing.

It is true that you can begin with a free blog on another’s blog provider web space, but you are not the owner of that blog and it has happened countless of times in the past that owners of those services decided to shut down your blog or their own company for whatever reason and all of your work and investments turn to nothing overnight. They are legally allowed to do that, and why in the hell would you build a potential million dollar business on someone else’s domain just to save initial $50 investment? Many people did in the past but the consciousness is awakening.

This is why I stress out the importance of buying your own domain and host it on some of the best web hosting providers out there. As I said, you can begin with less than $50 for a first year hosting and in the next chapter I will mention that super web hosting company that me and millions of others use to begin with their blog. You have heard about it too.

Unlike local businesses, you as a blogger will not be restricted to the local audience. You will be exposed to a worldwide perspective and this is a chance that will allow for more partnerships and great sponsorships from relevant companies who would like to work with you. It usually works much simpler than it sounds and all goes automatically. These establishments will be the boosters that you need in order to secure income in the long term.

How to Get Their Attention

When you create your blog, you should already have an idea of where it is going to focus. Making promotions so that these companies will notice you is going to be a tedious task. Much like marketing in other types of businesses work, you need to employ certain strategies to make things really simple and make blog work for you.

You need to stand out and this is actually very simple to achieve.

By making your content good, helpful and unique and using high quality pictures and videos where appropriate, you will make a good impression. Keep your audience updated and interested in your blog and it will only be a matter of time before you are presented with the opportunities to generate income. From there, your income will only grow as your content will grow and your audience as well.

Step 1 Execution

Time of execution: 10 to 30 minutes


Why is the plan an important part? It will tell you what to do and how to do it. Without it, work will be done without direction and construct and you will spend more time than necessary.

Decide what will be the subject of your blog and choose the niche you want to write about.

There should be a lot of people who are looking for this information on the internet and also enough of people willing to pay for something in your niche. Go to and choose Marketplace. From there, go to your desired niche and verify that enough digital products and services are sold in your niche.

Once you have chosen the subject you will write about, design categories that will describe your topic the best way. You will write content around those categories in the long run.

When you are done with this step go to the next one.